Align Invests in Our Customers

Our mission is to be a better financial partner to people by offering access to money in a more fair, understandable, and personalized way.

About Align

Since 2011 Align has been the only company in the United States to offer ISAs for general use.

We have invested in thousands of customers looking to pay a medical debt, repair a car, or pay down other debt with a financial tool that is more forgiving than a traditional loan.

Align currently operates in 7 states with its headquarters in downtown Chicago.

Remembering Nathan

Align Income Share Funding was launched as Cumulus Funding in November 2011 by Nathan Popkins, a former Investment Banker who believed hard-working people deserved access to capital with terms that were more forgiving.

Unfortunately, Nathan passed away unexpectedly as the result of injuries sustained in an accident at home on July 30, 2017 at the age of 38.

Nathan started the company after spending a decade as an investment banker with a particular focus on specialty finance. He saw Income Share Agreements being used in the education space and noticed that the product was more forgiving than a traditional personal loan, and he realized that the mature American consumer would also benefit materially from this structure.

Nathan (and his small team) funded the first contract in 2012, to a single mom about to get married who was looking to pay off debt to improve her credit so she wouldn’t be a drag on her new husband’s score. The money for this first ISA came from Nathan’s personal bank account.

Nathan truly believed that each ISA was an investment in an individual, and as a man who always saw the best of each person, he was proud to offer each of his customers a shot at financial betterment.

To see Nathan’s perspective on the company, check out the video and audio clips below.

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