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Income Share Agreements

At Align, we believe in making the welfare of the American worker our first priority. As your financial partner, we want to invest in you by providing funds in exchange for a fixed percentage of your pretax income. This financial tool is called an Income Share Agreement (ISA), and it allows your payments to fluctuate with changes in your income. Become unemployed, medically disabled, or have your hours or salary cut? No problem. We will drop your payment proportionally, lowering your financial burden and helping you stay financially secure.

With our product, your payments vary with the amount of money you’re making. If your income goes down, so will your payments. We call it “inherent affordability,” but you can think of it as peace of mind. This helps keep a financially difficult time from getting even tougher. In exchange, if your income rises, your payments will increase. However, your payments only increase according to the fixed percentage we agree upon at the beginning of the contract.

Our contracts can last anywhere from 2 – 4 years, depending on your personal eligibility. However, you can “buy out” your contract at any time to end your term, with no early payment penalty. The amount of your cancellation amount is transparent in your contract.

Applications approved by 5:30 p.m. CT Monday – Friday are generally funded by the next business day. Applications approved other times are generally funded in two business days.

ISAs don’t have an interest rate. At Align you pay a fixed percentage of your income that allows your payments to fluctuate, as opposed to a fixed interest rate with fixed payments. Accordingly, all of our customers' total payments can vary over the life of their contract and aren't necessarily known on day 1. That said, during the underwriting process, we will provide you with custom examples of what you could wind up paying in different future scenarios as your income fluctuates. This will help you compare our product to loans and decide if an Income Share Agreement is right for you.

At this time, we cannot provide joint ISAs to a spouse or cosigner.

Our ISAs are designed to provide you funds for whatever life throws your way.

Our product requires that you have ongoing income. If you are making income during the time you are starting your own company, we would be happy to continue the underwriting process with you!

Your repayment amount will never exceed 10% of your pretax income, though usually less. We will provide you a range of options and you can choose the payment rate that works best for your budget.


A variety of factors will be considered when you apply for an ISA with Align including, but not limited to: income, financial situation, occupation, location, etc.

We will need additional information from you to finalize the offer. Be ready to answer identity verification questions, and provide bank statements and your most recent pay stub. This information allows us to verify your identity, income and financial situation to ensure our product is a good fit.

We can have a final decision for you within one business day, as long as you provide the required documents verifying your income and identity.


Since our product is based on a percentage of your income, if your income rises, your payments will also increase. But remember, if your income rises, you always have the right to cancel, or “buy out,” your contract.

You can cancel or “buy out” your contract at any point of your contract without any penalty fees. The cost to buy us out at any given point in time is included and documented in your contract. That way, you know the buy-out amount in any month prior to signing up with us, and it is completely transparent to you.

If you've missed a payment, please get in touch with our billing department at 877-285-0389, so we can bring your account current and to avoid any late fees.

We accept payments in the form of debit cards, credit cards and ACH. If at any time you would like to change your ACH information, you may do so by calling our billing department at 877-285-0389 and dialing 2.

We may ask for your W-2 to validate an increase or decrease in your income. This may help us lower your monthly payment.