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A More Flexible Alternative to Personal Loans

Align Income Share Funding is the first and only company in the United States to make Income Share Agreements (ISAs) available to the public for broad use.

Payments to us change based on our customers’ income. If they experience a setback at work, and bring in less money, their payments to us decrease - all the way to zero if they become unemployed involuntarily.

ISAs allow people to get funding today in exchange for a small percentage of their future income. It’s like we are making investments in our customers’ futures.

Some may call this flexible payment structure revolutionary, we just call it fair.

We Are Growing

We are on the verge of astronomic growth as more people are learning about ISAs and the more flexible terms they provide. We anticipate triple digit growth over the next few years.


Align Income Share Funding is based in Chicago, Illinois. We closed a sizable Series A in early 2016. Our investors include Continental Investors and CMFG Ventures.