Income Share Agreements

An Income Share Agreement (ISA) allows you to receive money in exchange for a percentage of your future income, for a set period of time. It’s similar to a personal loan, but your payments, since they are pegged to your income, are more flexible and can go all the way to zero if you become unemployed.

While other companies offer ISAs as a way to pay for education, Align offers ISAs to use for any cash need, whether it’s consolidating debt, paying a medical bill, or planning your wedding. Here’s how the process with Align works:


Provide us with some basic information, over our secure server, and we will determine if we can make you a preliminary offer.

Verification and Personalization

We’ll need to verify your income and your identity then we’ll quickly work together to figure out the right amount for your ISA based on your individual situation. We offer ISA contracts for up to $12,500 in exchange for a small percentage of your income (never more than 10%), with terms up to 5 years.


Once you are happy with the offer, just sign your contract, we’ll be able to deposit funds into your account in 1-3 business days. You make your payments each month and if you experience a change in your income, just let us know and we’ll adjust your payments accordingly. You can also choose to buy your contract back at any time, with no penalty.

The entire process can be completed in one day, with funds being deposited the next business day. It’s our goal to make getting an ISA as straightforward and pleasant as possible.

Ready to get started?

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