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An Income Share Agreement (ISA) is a unique type of funding where you receive money in exchange for a percentage of your income for a set period of time. Since payments are based on your income, they are reduced if your income is reduced. If you become unemployed, your payments can be reduced all the way to zero. If your income increases, your monthly payments increase. However, your payments will always be based on the same small percentage of income agreed upon in your contract.

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We want to see you succeed. With funding amounts of $1,500 – $12,500, you can take care of home repairs, debt consolidation or even planning your wedding. Our terms range from 2 – 4 years, and include no prepayment penalties. That means you can cancel or “buy out” your contract at any time. We even document in your contract the cost to buy us out at any point in time. That way, we can both celebrate when you get that raise.

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