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What we do

Align is at the forefront of the emerging alternative-finance industry. We take pride in offering a more affordable, innovative product where our interests are aligned with our customers’. At the heart of our company is the desire to do good, every day, at every customer touchpoint. We thrive by exceeding expectations, and look for people who do the same.

The heart of Chicago

Our office is located in the middle of the Chicago Loop. It's easy to get to from most areas of the city via public transportation and offers convenient access to all the great things Chicago has to offer. Lunch options are plentiful, there are lots of great after-work spots to grab a drink, and the awesome new riverwalk is only a few blocks north.


We are pragmatic problem solvers. We do not believe in "9 to 5" or "face time," only in getting things done. We love data and use it to drive our decisions. We love to automate processes and we always strive to provide the best experience we can to our customers. We create a unique environment where everyone’s voice is heard and everyone makes an impact. Sound like you'd fit in?

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Full-time benefits

  • Health, dental, and vision benefits
  • Gym membership
  • Generous 401(k) match
  • Commuter benefits
  • Flexible work hours
  • Workstation of your choice
  • Cell phone reimbursement
  • Competitive vacation package


Job Title: Software Engineer

Reports To: CTO


The most successful team members at Align are operationally focused on ensuring that our customers have the best experience applying for our unique Income Share Agreement product. Candidates will need to be comfortable with an environment that is undergoing big changes in process and culture; with a small team looking to do big things, Align is radically re-thinking how it interacts with its customers and its fellow team members. Empathetic and transparent communication will help every team member make the best day-to-day decisions, and technology will support, not define, the business operations.

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Job Summary:

You are...

  1. Empathetic. Every person, and every project, comes with baggage. Understanding the context of each and every situation is required to communicate effectively. Empathy is met with empathy.
  2. Clear in communication. Good communication takes a lot of effort. You work hard to make sure you understand expectations, and that others understand your expectations of them.
  3. Transparent. You are going to be most effective in making decisions if you know what's going on - this holds for our entire team. You are comfortable in sharing both the good news, and the bad news.
  4. Curious. You care about the details. You're willing to take a little extra time to understand the corner cases, and share what you learn with others. You get excited with others' successes and findings, knowing that you are surrounded by others who want to share in your excitement.

You will...

  1. Be part of delivering custom tools for serving our customers through understanding their incomes and their financial needs. Our stack is Ruby on Rails with simple Javascript front-ends, but we're honestly at the point where everything is changing. We deploy on Heroku, and run the rest of our infrastructure on AWS. We use Git for version control. Help us make good technical decisions.
  2. Work directly with our customer service teams - and our customers - to ensure we're building the right things. Our Engineering team should be comfortable speaking in our users' language. The more we can understand our customers, the more we can accommodate their needs.
  3. Dig into our data to build a deep understanding of our systems and our product. With a small team, you'll be responsible for investigating issues at all levels, and working with our entire team to come up with a solution.
  4. Learn a lot. We aren't at the bleeding edge of technology or big data; as we say internally, these are Income Share Agreements, not self-driving cars. However, you will learn more about how to build a product - and a company - that is a pleasure to work with, from the code all the way to the business processes.

You have...

  • 2-5 years of web-based software development experience. Ruby on Rails is nice to know, but if you don't know it, we'd love to know that you know at least two other programming languages comfortably.
  • A willingness to work on a small team, sometimes with limited direct guidance.
  • Strong communication skills, both technically and non-technically.
  • Proficiency with SQL, or a very strong Excel or Access skill-set (we know you can learn SQL then!)

About Us:

Align's mission is to be a better financial partner to people by offering access to money in a more fair, understandable, and personalized way.

Align Income Share Funding started off as Cumulus Funding in 2011. We changed our name in early 2017 to better communicate the product we offer and how we are different than a traditional personal loan. Unlike traditional lenders, our interests are aligned with our customers’.

Located in the Chicago Loop, our company stands at 20-30 people.