Electronic Documents and Signatures Consent

This document was last updated on October 23, 2017

Cumulus Funding, Inc. (DBA Align Income Share Funding) ("we", "us" or "Align") are required to provide You with certain written disclosures, documents, and information related to Your transactions with Align ("Required Information"). Under the federal E-SIGN Act and related state laws, with Your consent, we can deliver this Required Information to You electronically and can use electronic signatures in connection with Your transactions with Align. This Electronic Documents and Signatures Consent (the "Agreement") relates to Your use of Align’s services and Your Future Income Investment Agreement ("FIIA"). Please read the terms of this Agreement prior to giving Your consent, and please maintain a copy of this Agreement for Your records.

By electronically agreeing to, and signing, this Agreement below, You consent and agree to proceed with the review and execution of the all account agreements, disclosures, statements, and documents relating to Your FIIA in electronic format. This includes the use of electronic communications, electronic disclosures, electronic statements, electronic contracts, and electronic signatures (including "check box" style acknowledgements).

If You do not agree to proceed with: (a) the signing of the agreements electronically, (b) the review of disclosures and statements in electronic format, and (c) the receipt of electronic communications from Align please decline to execute this Agreement. If You want to proceed with Your FIIA application, You must consent to receiving the Required information electronically before we can provide it to You. Your consent will apply to all Your FIIA applications and all other transactions with us. Your consent permits the general use of electronic records and electronic signatures in connection with all Your transactions with us.

Agreement to Conduct Business Electronically

By executing this Agreement, You are agreeing: (a) to the presentation of electronic documents, agreements, and disclosures, (b) that such documents are binding contracts, and (c) that You will accept and execute the applicable documents electronically. You acknowledge that all disclosures required by applicable law are being provided to You and may be provided electronically. You may also access and review electronic copies of all electronic documents on our website.

You further agree as follows:

Paper Copy of Required Information Available Upon Request - No Charge

You may print a copy of any Required Information from Your computer or emails. If You consent to receive the Required Information electronically, You can also request a paper copy of the Required Information by contacting us at 877-285-0389 or 30 N. LaSalle St. Suite 1725 Chicago, IL 60602. We will not charge You any fees for providing a paper copy of the Required Information. Your consent does not mean that Align must provide the Required Information electronically - only that it may do so. We may, at our option, deliver Required Information on paper, if we choose to do so. We may also require that certain communications from You be delivered to us, on paper, at a specified address.

If You consent to receive the Required Information electronically, we will contact You at the email address You have provided to us. If You change Your email address, You must provide us with Your new email address either by logging into Your account and updating Your email address or by contacting us by email at underwriting@helloalign.com

To access the Required Information being provided to Your electronically, You must have the following, which may be updated from time to time:

By checking the box and proceeding, I am electronically signing this Agreement. I agree to the terms of this Agreement, effective as of today’s date, and confirm that I have computer software and hardware that meets the requirements above. I CONSENT TO (I) RECEIVING REQUIRED INFORMATION ELECTRONICALLY, AND (II) THE USE OF ELECTRONIC RECORDS AND SIGNATURES IN CONNECTION WITH MY FUTURE INCOME INVESTMENT AGREEMENT APPLICATION AND ALL OTHER TRANSACTION(S) WITH ALIGN IN PLACE OF WRITTEN DOCUMENTS AND HANDWRITTEN SIGNATURES. Once You give Your consent, You can view Your documents online or by reviewing Your emails. YOU ALSO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOUR CONSENT TO ELECTRONIC DISCLOSURES IS REQUIRED TO RECEIVE SERVICES FROM US OVER THE INTERNET.